Each fabric needs its own maintenance, some more than others. Velours is fairly easy to clean, wool has to be vacuumed more often. But there are also a few points that apply to all fabrics:

1. Avoid direct sunlight on your furniture as much as possible. Although some fabrics are more sun-resistant than others, each fabric can discolour to a greater or lesser extent under the influence of light.

2. All fabrics are susceptible to damage from sharp objects, toys, pet nails and the like.

3. Vacuum your sofa once a week to prevent the dirt that was already in the sofa from entering when you spill something. Always vacuum with the grain and with a soft brush. Another thing we care for, is that the fabrics of our rugs, pillows and upholstery comply with the REACH regulations. This European regulation obliges member companies to register the use and risks of dangerous chemicals and substitute them with less dangerous ones if needed.